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What is a Challenge?

The challenge is a user-friendly blockchain App that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards.

A challenge is a selected place and time a player has to be in order to unlock the challenge and receive their blockchain rewards.

The Challenge application uses geolocation on user’s smartphones to verify the requirements and reward winners.

Challenge is free to download and first-time users will receive CHL tokens just for downloading.

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Dan Larimer

the CTO of Block.one getting and sneak peek of the Challenge DAPP.

IMEOS Interview】 CHALLENGE DAPP: Influence People to Engage in Positive Behavior

How to make to a Challenge

Download the app on your smartphone from Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS, follow the steps, select the place and time along with the number of tokens you’d like to offer if the Challenge is completed.

users can make challenges one sided where they are putting up the tokens or it can make the challenge mutual where they both put up an equal amount of tokens for the challenge to get activated.

Receive rewards just for downloading

Upon downloading the Challenge App receiving 50 CHL token. The CHL the naive token for challenge currently trading around the world on a number of exchanges.

The challenge community is committed to proving numbers a variety of challenges that users can participate in without them having to risk any of their own tokens.

So be on the lookout for new challenges in the app.

Driving value back to users

We create value for application and platforms we use by connecting with them and providing them with our information. This value is usually directing to the founders or small group of insiders. The challenge application seeks to drive value back to users by transferring some of the value that is created into blockchain reward that goes to the users of the application users

Token Economics

There are 2.7 billion challenge tokens. The token is planned to give token holders and voice in futures affairs or change that are made in the applications.

Also after our initial phase, there will be a 1-2% surcharge on all challenges created. The collected fees will be saving and periodically send back to CHL holders proportionately to the amount of CHL they have.

Wallets for CHL token


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University of Nebraska, Omaha NE. B.S. Double major Computer Science and Business 1983

Thomas Cooley Law School, Lansing MI. 1996

Former Stockbroker held Series 7 and Series 63 Licenses

Private Pilot

Kent is our leader, having run many online businesses over the past 19 years, including e-commerce websites, website development, helping to develop over 150 business websites online, Kent is also a Blockchain Consultant. Kent is a developer, with experience in content management systems WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, as well as being a PHP, Javascript, CSS, and Ruby on Rails programmer. Kent is an avid Youtuber with over 4,500 subscribers on his very popular nightly EOS San Diego Youtube Channel.


Palacharla Narendra Babu
(Business Development)

Has a background as a software engineer and is an expert in cybersecurity. Palacharla Narendra has many years experience building communities around blockchain technologies and has helped projects expanded their reach and impact.

Chace Eskam

Has spent a number of years studying the social and economic impact of the blockchain. Chace has given talks about blockchains future implications on business at W.P Carey school of business as early as February 2016. Before devoting himself fully to blockchain Chace spent a number of years working in the fintech industry at the Nations first digital bank.

Chace hold and MIM from W.P Carey school of business
Chace holds a B.A from Arizona state university in psychology.
Chace wrestled for the sun devils and was named the Pac 12 Scholar-Athlete of the year in 2015

Aditya Kandari
(Head of development)

Experienced digital product strategist, tech evangelist, 7+ years of experience in Product Strategy, Development, Designing, UI/UX, Product Development.

Aditya is one of the worlds leading scalable blockchain developer and has worked for and helped consulted a number of prominent EOS projects.

Aditya holds a B-tech in computer science

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The information on this website is not to be intended as professional, financial or investment advice . Challenge is a planned open source software gaming protocol thats uses challenge tokens to run/play the game. All future plans may be subject to change.